Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Night SMS

I Wish That God Would Hold You Tight.
I Hope That Angels Would Keep You In Sight.
Now Just To Make Sure You Feel All Right,
I’m Gonna Blow You A Sweet Goodnight

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Assamese Good Night SMS

Take a deep breath,
Stand near the window,
Look at the sky,
There will be two stars twinkling brightly,
u know what they are????
They are my eyes always taking care of U..
Good Night.

Bengali Good Night SMS

My day may be hectic. My schedule may be tight.
But I would never let the day end without saying good night.
Sweet dreams...

Money can buy a house not home,
A bed but not sleep, medicine but not health,
Money is dirty, it only cause pain & suffering.
SEND me all UR MONEY & BE HAPPY. Good Night.

Dont ever give up when you are down..
it doesnt matter if u fall many tyms..
just remember that each time u fall ..
i’ll nvr let u reach d ground..
trust me..i’ll always be around.

The greatest gift u can give 2 sum1 is your time. B’coz when u give sum1 ur time.
You’re givin them a portion of life that U never get back.
Good Night Friend

A day is going to end again.
It is nice to have a friend like U
making my everyday seems so great.
Thank U my good friend lastly
good night n sweet dreams…

Gujarati Good Night SMS

Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
because past never comes back
but sometimes future can give
u back ur lost things! ‘Good Night‘.

Kannada Good Night SMS

Lying on my bed,
Lookin @ the clock,
I know that its time 2 zzz,
I wonder how have u been today
Hope that everything is fine..
Wish u sweet dreamz n sleep tight!

Hum na hote to aap kho gaye hote,
Apni zindgi se ruswa ho gaye hote!
Yeh to aapko GOOD NIGHT kehne,
K liye jaag rahe hai,
Varna hum to kab k so gye hote!!!

A bed of clouds for U to sleep,
Diamond stars as ur bedside lamp,
Angels from heaven singing lullabies for U,
May u sleep peacefully thru out the night.
Good Night

No stars 2 wish,
No moon 2 lite
And no flowers to smell,
Just a loneliness,
Waiting 4 ur hot kisses is saying
Good night

Chamkte chand ko neend ane lagi,
Apki kushi se duniya jagmagane lagi,
Dekh ke apko har kali gungunane lagi,
Ab to fekhte-fekhte muje be neend ane lagi.
Gud Nite

Konkani Good Night SMS

Andheri sadak,
Sunsan kabristan,
Suni haweli,
Kala aasman,
Raat hogayi soja shaitan.

Jahan dosti vahan pyar,
Jahan pyar vahan ishq,
Jahan ishq vahan judai,
Jahan judai vahan dard,
Jahan dard vahan jandu balm,
Jandu balm lagao aur chup kar ke so jao
Good Night

Apun ek sher bolega,
Choro Taraf Chand fenkrela hai light,
Boleto ho gayeli hai night,
Band karne ka tube light,
Aur soneka tight,
Boleto, Bye Good Night..

If u ever feel lonely,
Look to the sky
Always know that Im somewhere beneath that sky wishing the best for U
Good nitezsweet dreams!

Pathar se dosti, Jaan ko khatra.
Pathan se dosti, Demag ko khatra.
Daru se dosti, Liver ko khatra.
Hum se dosti, raat be raat SMS ka khatra.

Marathi Good Night SMS

Oops!.Ouch i fell from bed
Trying to reach my phone just 2
Say sweet dreams 2 u. Sleep tight.

Hi Moon! Dim Ur light.
Hello Wind! Breeze Soft.
Hi Flower! Blossom Slowly.
Hello Earth! Spin Gently.
Coz my friend is going to sleep.
Good Night

Whenever you have a DREAM inside your HEART,
Never let it go coz DREAMS are the TINY SEEDS,
Have a wonderful dream tonight

Ye hamari madhya ratri seva hai
Isme hum aadhi raat k baad
Logon ki need kharab karte hain
Dhanyawad ab aap so jayen

Dosti agar buri ho, to use hone mat do,
Ho gayi to use khone mat do,
Aur agar dost ho sabse pyara to use sone mat do,
Jagte raho

Nepali Good Night SMS

One evening i will come 2 ur room
lock the door, turn off the lights, join u in bed
I’ll come closer 2 u, my lips near ur face
And I’ll shout, Have a gr8 night!!!

A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed,
Calling ur nice Name so softly,
Throwing flowers on U
And saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

Good night my very special friend,
I pray you lay in rest,
And may tomorrow bring you
Much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes, in ur heart
Good Night

Art of living:
First of all,dont make friends.
if made,dont go close to them.
if gone,dont like them.
if liked,then plz.. dont leave them.
Good Night, sweet dreams…

Never blame a day in ur life.
Good days give u happiness.
Bad days give u experience.
Both are essential in life!
All are Gods blessings!
good night.

Punjabi Good Night SMS

A nite i woke up
Didnt find u in my arms..
I cried a lot n begged to god
To return my smile n thats only u

Wash your face and wash your feet!
Now its time 2 fall asleep.
Yours eyes are weak n mouth cant speak
So hope this nite shall be nice and sweet. Good nite.

The moon from the sky winks at you tonight,
Wishing you a lovely goodnight,
Hoping the sweet dreams embrace you tight.

Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping.
He came back early, So i asked him why?
He said that angels dont watch over other angel.

Tanha jab dil hoga, aapko aawaz diya karenge.
Raat me sitaronse aapka jikr kiya karenge.
Aap aaye ya na aaye hamari khwabonme,
Ham bas aapka intezaar kiya karenge.
Khwab dekhne ke liye ab so jayenge. Goodnight !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hindi Good Night SMS

Hindi Good Night SMS

Chamkte chand ko neend ane lagi,
Aapki kushi se duniya jagmagane lagi,
Dekh ke aapko har kali gungunane lagi,
Ab to phenktay phekntay mujhe bhi neend ane lagi,
Good Night

Telugu Good Night SMS

Anandam Cheppalenidhi!
Santhosham Pattarandhi!
Kopam panikiraanidhi!
Prema Cherigipoonidhi!
Sneham maruvalenidhi!
Nidra aagalenidhi,
Nidra Poor amma.,
Good Night

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tamil Good Night Kavithai

"Nilavai Paarkum Podhu, Nee Dhooramai iruppadhai Unarkiraen..."
"Enn Nizhalai Paarkum Podhu, Nee Ennodu iruppadhai Unarkiraen..."
Good Night.!

Romantic Good Night SMS in Tamil

Nila Vaanathil irunthalum, Adhan Velicham Boomiyil than irukkum.
Adhu Pola..
Nee Yenga irundhalum, Un Ninaivu Endrum Enn Manadhil than irukkum. Good Night!

Good Night SMS for Girlfriend in Tamil

Unnai sutri oru murai paar ! Un nizhal Irrukiratho Illayo En Ninaivukal Unnai Sutri Irrukkum... Endrum Priyamuden.. Unnai Nesikum idhayam Good Night ....

Beautiful Good Night SMS in Tamil

Siripu illatha vazhkai.!
Siragu illatha
Paravaiku Samam.!
Azhagu Siragu.!
Azhagu Sirippu.!
Smile for every time.!
Good Night

Sweet Good Night SMS in Tamil

"Unn Inbathai pagirnthu kolla nooru sonthangal irunthalum,un thunbathai pagirnthu kollum oru jeevanum Ingu undu...
Maranthu vidathae ennai..! Good Night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Good Night SMS

Good Night SMS

Look…the moon is calling you!!
See…the stars are shining for you!!
Listen…the mosquito’s are singing to you!!
Hear…my heart says:
Good Night